A doghouse is necessary for a dog to hide in it from cold and heat under relevant whether conditions.

A doghouse should be selected with regard to a dog’s breed and lifestyle.

Possible variants of doghouses: only the floor is insulated, fully insulated (the floor, walls and roof) and insulated doghouse with an entryway. Sometimes doghouses may be provided with heating. A doghouse with an insulated floor is suitable for dogs that are constantly outdoors and are not afraid of cold (they have long hair fur). A fully insulated doghouse is necessary for dogs that have shorter hair fur but can be outdoors without any problems. An insulated doghouse with an entryway is intended for dogs that have shorter hair fur, as well as for dogs that are kept both in the room and outdoors during the cold season.

The size of a doghouse is determined by the size of a dog. For example, a German shepherd can stay in a doghouse of 110x74x74 cm or 120x80x80 cm. There is no need for a dog to have a big doghouse because the dog lies there. If the doghouse is too big, it will be colder and will occupy more space in a kennel.

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It is recommended to make a doghouse with hinged roof (it is easier to maintain in this way). Also, the roof should be flat, because the dog sometimes likes to lie on it. A doghouse with flat roof is smaller, warmer and occupies less space.

The entrance to a doghouse should be made on the side of the longer wall so it is best for a dog to hide from the wind. The size of the entrance is determined by the size of the dog. The entrance should have a threshold of 5-10 cm. Sometimes, when it is very cold, the entrance might be covered.

The doghouse should be slightly raised above the ground.

It is recommended to make external walls of natural wood panels with groove. The panels should be fixed with wood screws. Foam polystyrene should be used for thermal insulation. Internal walls should also be made of natural wood panels. Thickness of wood panels should be about 20 mm.

In a kennel, a doghouse can be either attached to the wall or detached. There is more space in a kennel if the doghouse is attached to the wall. Where the doghouse is not attached to the wall, the dog can run around it and hide from the sunlight and wind.

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