Only our kennels can guarantee the safety of your pet and surrounding people!

A kennel is necessary for a dog so that:

  • the dog would not damage the plants in the area;
  • the dog would not pollute the yard;
  • the dog would not dig soil;
  • the dog would not leave the territory;
  • people (guests) could walk safely in the yard;
  • being in a kennel, the dog could warn the owners about undesirable passers-by;
  • the pet could be taken care of by other people in case the owners leave for a couple of days.

In order to choose the right kennel for your pet you should decide on the following:

  • the place where the kennel will be equipped;
  • the distance of the kennel from the territory of neighbours;
  • the size of the kennel;
  • the type of walls (the number of wooden and transparent walls);
  • the position of gates;
  • whether the feeder is necessary;
  • whether the floor is necessary;
  • whether the roof is necessary;

The recommended size of a kennel for a dog such as German shepherd is 6-12 sq. m.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be glad to answer them!