By offering our dog pens we offer technologies complying with all standards often neglected by our competitors

The main advantages can be put in 12 items. By the same number of points our dog pens surpass those offered by our competitors:

  1. We use thicker floor boards (35 mm) soaked in animal-friendly materials; there are spaces between the planks - so moisture does not accumulate inside the pen; it will be durable and the puppy will be safe.

  2. Wall paneling is fully planed - as the border is strengthened, spaces do not occur due to changing weather conditions, and the pen is not drafty, its inside is protected from rain, snow or wind.

  3. At the top boards are attached to a frame - this does not allow boards to move.

  4. The pen floor is raised above the ground on solid galvanized legs – thus it is easier to clean under the pen, and it prevents accumulation of moisture.

  5. The floor is wider than the frame of the pen – it is more difficult for your puppy to wedge in its leg. Security is of key importance.

  6. We use rafters as thick as 35-50mm - even in the roughest snowstorm the roof will stay in place and will not sag.

  7. The gate is fixed at the top and bottom, so it does not open to the outside and pets can not escape. Locking parts are fixed on the door; if they were fixed on the frame, the dog  might get injured.

  8. Feeders and doors are constructed so that a lock could be used.

  9. All structures are hot-galvanized. Painted structures last shorter.

  10. Roof covering and configuration are selected individually.

  11. The size and assembly of a pen is specific and selected according to your dog's size and the established limits.

  12. The minimum production time is only 2 days.