About us

A true friend of a man and a family, a guardian and a protector deserves a convenient and classy home!

Our dog pens not only meet EU  requirements, but are durable and cost-effective.  
You can be sure that all dog pen materials are animal-friendly.  
We’ve considered every detail so that the dog in the pen would feel good and comfortable, would not endanger itself and those around it.  
What we offer: 
  • Hot-dip coated durable dog pen frames;  

  • Animal-friendly materials that conform to European standards; 

  • A choice of dog pen finish; 

  • Conveniently and securely attached feeders; 

  • A special raised dog pen floor helping to maintain order and cleanliness in the pen; 

  • Adjustable height and slope of the roof; 

  • Specialist advice; 

  • Assembly, installation and delivery.